Hotel Facilities



The hotel’s synagogue includes an Ashkenazi Torah scroll, sidurim (prayer books), song books and chumashim (Pentateuch). On weekends, additional rooms are prepared for prayer services to accommodate guests coming for bar or bat mitzvahs, wedding celebrations or other family events. Guests wishing to organize their own prayer services are responsible for bringing their own Torah scroll.  


Basketball Court

The hotel offers a standard basketball court next to the pool and lawn area, that is available for use by hotel guests.


Eden Inn offers guests the use of their pool during the swimming season: Passover (April) through Succot (October). The pool is covered with a sun shade and surrounded by green grass. Guests can enjoy the calm, soothing atmosphere while sitting at the pool area; a relaxing experience for both the body and soul.

Treatment Room

Eden Inn is currently offering special introductory rates, in its new treatment room, for massages:

**150NIS for a 45-minute massage**

**200NIS for a 60-minute massage**

Handicapped Accessibility

Eden Inn is handicapped accessible, with two handicapped accessible guest rooms, accessible passageways to the main restrooms in the hotel lobby, to the dining hall, and to the auditorium. There is a loop sound system in the reception area and in the conference hall, a wheelchair lift in the swimming pool, and markings on the ground for the visually impaired.

בית מלון נגיש עדן אין זיכרון יעקב
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